Dave Thomas - at work, with french embossing

Dave Thomas,

a glass embosser from Wembley, London, Capital of the world. He was born into a family of glass workers, both his father & uncle were glass embossers and decorators for the firm “Price’s” of Blackbird Hill in Neasden.

Starting in the game at a young age, weekends & school holidays saw Dave running about over the cullet heaps – out glazing with the plate gangs, or if it was wet,(this is England), indoors making Leaded Lights.

Dave Thomas completed his first lead light when he was 5 years of age at the firm “Allglass” then ensconced in Ickenham West London.(He never did get paid for that one!)

Dave Thomas - working at glass firm, All Glass
French embossing, Dave Thomas

At the age of 15, he landed a job at “Whitefriars Glass” in Wealdstone as an apprentice glass blower.

Rising from lowly boy to servitor & all the spaces in between. Due to a weak order book & a severe recession “Whitefriars Glass” folded in the autumn of 1980 after a 300 year history.

Dave then found myself back in the flat glass industry calling on the old family skill set.

He started his own specialist glass company, whilst in the depths of recession working out of premises at the foot of Harrow on the Hill, where he made complete new window sets & also reproduced broken panels, primarily for Pubs & Banks.

Examples of Dave Thomas embossing work

On Valentine’s Day 1987 & Dave moved into new premises in Alperton – Wembley, only temporary mind. Three kids & two grandchildren later he is still there. And, for the most part, he is still carrying out the same varieties of work. This encompasses:

Dave Thomas working on a glass embossing
Dave Thomas, in his early days of glass work

Apart from the usual brewery work, Dave also makes for the domestic market - decorative mirrors, glass splashbacks, walk on glass for floors & roofs, door sets & house numbers. Shower doors / screens & mirrors with Glo-Strips for backlighting also figure in the cannon of works.

To get in touch with Dave about any of your glasswork needs, simply contact him directly via the contact page.